Agencia de representación de futbolistas

“…A technical super-secretary at the service
of the Football Clubs…”

Being a Talent Scout

We are looking for talent scouts with good footballing criteria in the territories of Europe, South America and Asia, dedicated to spotting young talent.

We want you to be “the eyes” of the Agency in your zone.

Do you want to form part of our "scout" network? Contact us now!


> talent capture Plan

The programme for capturing talent which has been put into place by BEST!  International Football Agency incorporates a technical team shaped by football professionals: Talent scouts, football representatives, ex-players, trainers, journalists…dedicated to tracking and capturing promising youngsters in the main centres generators of talent.

Our Agency has a network of representatives and talent scouts split into territories throughout the Spanish peninsular and split in the same way in other countries like France, Argentina and Portugal.

To do this, Best! International Football Agency  is primarily based on the development of an authentic collaborative network between football professionals of Europe, America and Asia.

Our represented players have individual technical expert reports of their performance available to them throughout the whole season.

All reports are digitally archived in our network, which means that this knowledge can be shared with our clients (technical secretaries) in real time via the Internet.

During the capturing process, each player is rated by various Agency talent scouts after having tracked the footballers over a certain number of performances at home as well as away.

In all cases both professional and personal references are requested as the human aspect is always the determining factor on whether the footballer is incorporated into the Agency.